SVEP offers geolocation-based monitoring solutions, focused on law enforcement needs, extensive to House Arrest and Domestic Violence, serving, under that product scope, the Probation & Prision Services Unit (DGRSP) of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice.

House Arrest

Our House Arrest surveillance solution plays a key role in promoting social probation of individuals setenced to imprisionment, covering three specific situations:

Pre-trial Detention

House Arrest surveillance can be applied to defendants whose citizenship rights’ exercise can jeopardize criminal investigations, substituting pre-trial imprisonment

Short-term Imprisionment

This solution can also be used to administer short domestic confinement of individuals that have been sentenced for minor crimes or showed a good behaviour during their time in jail, under the assumption that imprisonment fails to promote social rehab and criminal risk profile is low


Electronicly monitored house arrest can additionally be extended to inmates that have completed their time in prison and initiated their probation under parole, offering domestic detention for that purpose, instead of confinement in prison


Domestic Violence

SVEP’s electronic monitoring solution for Domestic Violence delivers permanent location of victim and aggressor, allowing for timely courses of action to maintain a minimum distance between both, as defined by court of law, in order to ensure victim’s integrity