House Arrest



What is it?

It is a surveillance solution that monitors an individual’s confinement in his residence or in any other predefined facility, triggering an alarm whenever such confinement is transgressed


Who is it designed for?

House Arrest surveillance can be applied to defendants whose citizenship rights’ exercise can jeopardize criminal investigations, substituting pre-trial imprisonment

This solution can also be used to administer short-term imprisionment of individuals that have been sentenced for minor crimes or showed a good behaviour during prision confinement

Electronicly monitored House Arrest can additionally be extended to inmates that have completed their time in prison and initiated their probation under parole


How does it work?

A Frequency Transmitter is attached to the surveilled individual either through a bracelet or an ankle brace (both commonly known as ‘electronic bracelet’)

A Frequency Receiver is set-up inside the surveilled individual’s house or confinement facility, enabling the individual’s permanent monitoring within a predefined range

An alarm is triggered whenever the Frequency Transmitter fails to be properly attached to the monitored individual and everytime the latter’s location is beyond the predefined confinement range without previous consent or clearence acknowledged by the system

It is also possible to program the Frequency Receiver to allow predefined and pre-authorized confinement interruptions, during specific intraday periods, aside from which, any lack of compliance with the confinement terms will trigger an alarm