Domestic Violence


Latin women signaling to stop with their hands

What is it?

It is an intelligent surveillance solution capable of locating two people and constantly monitor the distance between them, allowing for preventive and dissuasive courses of action, if and when needed, to ensure compliance with minimum distance sentenced by court of law


Who is it designed for?

Our Domestic Violence surveillance solution is applied to victim and aggressor, comprising spouses, ex-spouses, couples with common children, hetero and homosexual couples in quasi-marital status, as well as elder, handicapted, ill, pregnant and defenceless people that, having shared the same dwelling with the aggressor, were subject to acts of physical or psychological violence, duely reported to authorities and sentenced to electronic monitoring penalty by court of law


How does it work?

The aggressor must carry a satellite-based (GPS) location device along with him, as well as a Frequency Transmitter (‘electronic bracelet’), in the form of bracelet or ankle brace

The victim also carries a GPS location device, endowed with an alert system that triggers an alarm whenever the distance toward the aggressor is shorter than the one defined by court of law and predefined by the electronic monitoring system

Both satellite-based location devices are Frequency Receivers An alarm is triggered whenever the aggressor fails to carry the location device along with him

Should GPS coverage fail in a way that the distance between victim and aggressor cannot be monitored, victim’s Frequency Receiver will trigger an alert whenever the distance between both falls short of the minimum setenced by court and aggressor transgresses the victim’s predefined protection range